Marriage in Ukraine for foreigners

Foreigners and stateless persons staying in Ukraine on legal grounds shall enjoy the same rights and freedoms and bear the same duties as citizens of Ukraine, except as restricted by the Constitution, laws, or international treaties of Ukraine.
If you are a citizen of Ukraine and want to marry a foreigner you can face some difficulties.

In Ukraine, marriage is registered by local bodies of the State Registration Service of Ukraine. This is the official authority that registers marriage both between Ukrainian citizens and between Ukrainians and foreigners.
When submitting an application, it is required to pay the state fee for the services provided.
The application should be submitted personally by the future spouses. The applicants can also file the documents online. However, in this case, they shall have the scan copies of all the documents and an electronic signature.

Marriage can also be registered by a Consular Office or diplomatic mission. But in this case, the laws and regulations of the relevant country, not the Ukrainian legislation, will be applied.

If a Ukrainian citizen and a foreign national want to register their marriage in Ukraine, they shall submit a certain package of documents. The fiance and fiancee should file an application with the following documents:
1. A Ukrainian citizen:
a passport; a divorce decree or a certificate confirming dissolution of a previous marriage (if any).
2. A foreign national:
a passport, as well as its translation certified by a notary; a passport page with an entry stamp; a divorce decree or a certificate confirming dissolution of a previous marriage (if any).
Depending on the home country of one of the future spouses, the submitted documents shall be legalized.
The date of marriage registration as a rule is a month after submission of the application.
If there are valid reasons, the head of the state body for the registration of acts of civil status allows the registration of marriage before the expiration of this term. In the case of the bride’s pregnancy, the birth of her baby, and if there is an imminent threat to the life of the bride or groom, the marriage shall be registered on the day of the application or on any other day at the request of the bride within one month.

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