Postgraduate education in Ukraine

Is it possible to get a specialization or even a second higher education in 2 years?
Yes, if you choose postgraduate education in Ukraine.

What is it?
This is the improvement of education by deepening and updating professional skills or obtaining another speciality based on previously obtained higher education.

Important thing: this is not a master's or doctoral degree.

Who can learn?
Individuals with a bachelor's degree.

It includes:
- specialization
- retraining
- advanced training
- internship

Where can you get a postgraduate education?
In institutions of postgraduate education or relevant structural divisions of universities and scientific institutions.

Forms of postgraduate education:
- professional training of employees in working professions;
- assistant-internship;
- internship; (a mandatory form of Primary Specialization for medical and pharmacist specialities)
- medical residency; (a form of specialization of specialist doctors in certain medical specialities)
- clinical residency, etc. (a form of advanced training of specialist doctors, after an internship and/or residency).

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